Geneva is the second most populous city in Switzerland. It is full of rich heritage sites where people around the world come to see. French is the most speaking while German is the second most speaking languages. It is often called a Global City as it houses many of the International Organizations. The city is some what more expensive compared to other Swiss cities.

Some of its famous tourist places are Lake Geneva, it shares it border with the alps shared by France and Switzerland. It is a stunning lake which makes it give a heavenly look by the side of the Alps. The Lake hosts swimming and yacht competitions each year. It is rich in wildlife. Some bird species from around the world visit this place as a part of their travel. People can also enjoy the lake side vineyards which makes one of the popular and expensive wines of the world. Other beautiful buildings are of United Nations which includes International Red Cross, United Nation Commission For Refugees. Geneva also has a beautiful Botanical Garden to offer to its visitors. This 200-Year old Garden is not just beautiful but an art. It isn’t just a garden but also houses A large library and nearly 6 million types of plants it is very close to the Lake Geneva. There is also a greenhouse structure, it amazes the visitors and is meant as an education hub. There is also a zoo dedicated to botanicum which is an endangered species.