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Easy Swiss Chocolate Recipes

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Searching for Swiss chocolate recipes? You're not alone. Chocolate is delightfully sinful enough but add the word Swiss to it and expect taste buds to drool even more.

Swiss chocolate, after all, is the pinnacle of quality, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates. Swiss chocolatiers are unsurpassed in the industry and Switzerland is considered as the haven of chocolate lovers. While many people would simply buy a bar of Swiss chocolate and eat it straight from the package, there are still others who take a step further through Swiss chocolate recipes.

Here are two recipes that are easy to prepare and great for your daily chocolate fill:

Chocolate Sauces

Breads, fruits and other treats are wonderful to dip in chocolate sauce. You may use a chocolate fountain for a lovelier presentation but a simple bowl would suffice for ordinary days. Alternatively, chocolate sauce can be used as base for hot cocoa, for cake frosting, and for chocolate-covered peanuts.

Making Swiss chocolate sauce is really easy. One recipe requires Swiss chocolate bars (Toblerone tastes good in this), light cream, and crème de cacao. To prepare this, break or chop the chocolate bars and, in a saucepan, mix with cream. ¾ cup of cream is enough for 12 ounces of chocolate bars. Continue stirring over low heat until smooth. Remove from heat and let cool.

A pinch of cinnamon and/or nutmeg can make this recipe more interesting.


Mouthwatering Brownies, made in Switzerland, try it  and love it.

This is one of simplest recipes that utilize baking. To make Swiss chocolate brownies, prepare Swiss bittersweet cooking chocolate like Holls 63%, unsweetened cocoa powder, all-purpose flour, unsalted butter, granulated sugar, vanilla, and salt.

While preheating oven to 350, use a double boiler to melt

2 cups of chocolate and

1 cup diced butter. Set aside and let cool.

Beat 4 eggs in a bowl and add

2 cups of sugar until mixture is smooth. Add a teaspoon of vanilla.

Sift 1 ¼ cups of flour,

3 tablespoons of cocoa and

1/8 teaspoon of salt.

Add chocolate mixture to the sugar and egg. When well blended, add flour mixture using a spatula. Butter a baking pan and put the mixture evenly. Bake for half an hour. These are perfect for snacks and best served with tea or coffee.

Swiss chocolate recipes create interesting twists to exquisite Swiss chocolates. For those who prefer a little variation to their usual straight-from-the-fridge treats, start with simple recipes first and who knows, you may even create your own recipes in the future.

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