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A Little Bit about Me

My name is Albert, but like my French speaking friends, you may also call me Al. Being Swiss (and multilingual), I’m proud of this region. From my home it’s only a short drive to the lake region, and I visit whenever I have the time I go there. There’s a lot to see and do both in summer and winter, but you won’t have to do anything, really. You can simply sit down and watch the lake and relax if you like!

When you come to Lake Geneva, be sure you have a great camera to capture this picture-perfect area. There are so many beautiful places, and you will want to remember your trip to this incredible Switzerland area for many years to come.

Like the famous artists and writers who have been inspired by this gorgeous region, you too will be captured by its charms. The blue lake set against the backdrop of green hills and glistening white peaks is truly breathtaking and has become a muse for countless artists. Read more about them and discover some of their writings, including those of the romantic English poet Lord Byron and the French novelist Victor Hugo.

You will also want to bring along a travel guidebook or two, and I have a good one that I can suggest for you. If you are looking for an in-depth travel guide to the area, I suggest that you discover Geneva with Rick Steves’ Switzerland Guide. It covers all of the highlights of the area beautifully! His humorous writing style and the wealth of knowledge that he shares will make you feel like you have brought along a tour guide with you. He has great suggestions on hotels and offers practical advice on booking scenic rail tours- a must do for this region. Speaking of rail tours, I also have a lot of helpful information on these right here on my site. I hope you will find my pages on these tours useful in planning your trip to Geneva Switzerland.

Celebrities Love This Region

View of Geneva,Switzerland

The gorgeous landscape and the lifestyle of the region has attracted many of the world’s rich-and-famous. IKEA’s founder and Europe’s richest man, Ingvar Kamprad, used to live close to Lausanne. Queen singer Freddie Mercury spent the last months of his life in Montreux, while pop singer Phil Collins lives in a home overlooking the lake. Ex-Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher also lives on the lake as well. Apparently his garage has room for thirty cars!

Geneva Can Fit All Budgets

Vineyards Lavaux, Lake Geneva - Switzerland

Despite its celebrities, banking history, and high real estate prices, Geneva is not only for the wealthy. This web site will tell you how any traveler, extravagant or low budget, can enjoy the priceless beauty of this wonderful part of Central Europe.

I’m happy you’ve decided to discover Lake Geneva with me.

It’s a place everyone must see at least once in his or her life.

I hope you will enjoy browsing this site just as much as I enjoy creating it for you. I look forward meeting you at the shores of Lake Geneva Switzerland!