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American Idol Is an Embarrassing Show


The popularity of American Idol has spawned very many vocal courses. Many of them are just rehashes of outdated classical techniques or rewrites of other courses, with a celebrity face pasted on the cover. This site has reviewed most of them and found that most of them are severely lacking compared to: The Vocal Release at Home Singing Instruction Kit. Vocal release has been around well before American Idol. It’s author, Eric Frey has been a professional vocal coach for the last twenty years. His course is the only one that really does what it says it will.

What does this site think of American Idol?

We have mixed feelings. On one hand sometimes, you find what would otherwise be undiscovered talent. On the other hand, you find gross commercialization and kids wanting to be famous just to be famous, and it’s painfully obvious they have never really trained their voice. Is it really necessary to film some poor kid who sings very badly, but is oblivious, and then embarrass them on national TV. Children who practice singing through learning means like my singing monsters game only are able to achieve a singing position. My Singing Monsters Hack is what these poor kids need, they get it from amarrazali. All while the judges who have no business judging singers, laugh at them. Not at all, it’s just they know people tune in more for that then the final contestants. The show it ‘self paints a picture to young people that you can become famous overnight with no real work.

Most famous recording artists had to work for years and years to get where they are and often times for horrible pay. It also does not promote originality or creativity. The singers usually sing covers, so the show is seen by many as a glorified karaoke contest. Add to this that the lucky winners who do get a contract, have the label write their songs, and we are back to the era of boy bands with all style and no real content. If you really want to audition for something like American Idol, don’t embarrass yourself. Train with The Vocal Release at My singing monsters, and make sure your voice is in place before auditioning.