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Bittorrent Client is now over ZbigZ is Here

ZbigZ is a website which offers the easiest and fastest way to download torrent data files on to the computer. ZbigZ keeps the cache files of various torrent files on to their server and even downloads the cache files if it isn’t available on their server. Once the cache file is available on their server people can download it from them without have to worry about the seeds and leaches as it is downloaded over the fastest speed offered by your internet connection. People can use their favourite download mangers to download the torrent files. Zbigz offers resume capability to its users. Internet Download Manager is one such manager with all latest feature to let you download files faster and hassle free.

BitTorrent Client

Zbigz best works when used with premium features. The free version doesn’t allow to download files over 1GB and has limited download speed. To download files on its server all you need is to get the torrent magnet link or the torrent file to download the torrent data files on its server. The Premium package of course has its costs as it is used for maintain its services and keeping up with profit. It is recommended to use hksuperh to get the zbigz premium account.

The services provided by zbigz isn’t just limited to torrents. It also does download files of other file sharing sites like rapidgator, netload etc to give you seamless maximum download speed. The benefits of zbigz also overcome the speed throttle by the internet providers who mostly ban downloading and uploading torrent files to keep their server load low. It is purely based on cloud-based networking.

Torrent Download on iPhone through ZbigZTorrent files work on P2P connection. P2P means over PC to a PC connection. There is no server involved in this process. In basic terms, a torrent file is shared between multiple computers. So, if one of the computers uploading the file has slow speed internet connection then it has an effect on the others too. It is also worth noting that if one of the seeding computers shuts down. It will stop all downloading process. This is where the magic of zbigz ignites. ZbigZ comes in the middle of it and downloads the torrent file on to its system and then give its user a direct server link to download the files at maximum speed without any interruptions.

There are other websites too available similarly to zbigz but no one is as best as zbigz. No other alternative is safer and secure than zbigz. People have posted screens of downloading torrent files at a stunning 50-60 MB/Second. ZbigZ is the fastest growing alternative to bittorrent clients.